We know building and restoring classic cars can be a huge financial struggle. So we offer what we call PHASE BUILDING. What phase building offers is the ability to build your car within a certain build phase that the owner can financially afford at the time. Instead of building a whole car at once and the owner is unable to financially afford the build which then at that point becomes a huge burden for everyone. Our goal is to make every customer happy by building there dream car. We figure this process is another useful tool to keep the customers dream and us the builders passion going by being able to build a car in phases within the owners own financial means or ability.

Phase 1

Phase 1 METAL & BODY REPAIR consist of stripping the car and doing any body repairs and metal work needed. Once the structural metal work is completed the bare metal will be epoxy DTM sealed and seam sealed. which then at that point the body will be prepped ready for Phase 2 Body work and Paint 

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 2 BODY & PAINT. This phase is when all the finish body work and paint work is completed.

Phase 3 ASSEMBLY. This phase is when the car gets final assembled consisting of all trim, interior, glass, wiring, and final polishing and detailing. Also all mechanical, drivetrain, and suspension work completed if needed or it can be on its own phase if needed. We understand this phase can be the costly phase. Which is when new parts costs come into play.

Any of these phases can be started or stopped at any phase . If you can only do Phase 1 we will complete Phase 1 and make the car mobile so the car can go back to the owners care till ready to continue at a latter time for us to finish or for the owner to finish.

If You would like to learn more about phase building please give us a call for further details.